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Places you'll want to work

Places you'll want to work

Oct 3rd 2018

Holy e-Smokes! Some places allow vaping in the workplace.

Check out this article by Naples Daily News writer, Tracy X. Miguel-Navarro:

It's nice to see that some businesses understand how it is:

[...] Hargrove of Naples Vapor lounge said some businesses in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers allow employees and customers to vape. He said he has vaped at Lee restaurants, movie theatres and supermarkets.

When asked about businesses that ban e-cigarettes, Hargrove said they are OK to do so until the Food and Drug Administration approves vapor cigarettes.

During a recent trial in the federal courthouse in Fort Myers, a military veteran was seen puffing away in the hallway on a vanilla flavor e-cigarette while waiting for court. No one stopped him.

Insurance company manager Nichols said there is no proven health risk to other employees or customers of a harmful vapor ? there's no smoke, only water vapor.

She said vaping is beneficial because the vapor smell doesn't cling to clothes, unlike normal cigarettes.[...]

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