Posted by anna mae's on Jan 5th 2017

Yes! We are doing everything we can to comply with the new FDA deeming regulations we do plan to keep fighting! We have been so blessed to stay strong in the this business through the regulations. It's a hard road and the paperwork is difficult and lengthy but we're plowing through! However, it is necessary for us to make some difficult decisions in order to follow the law...

What does this mean for you, our customer?

The FDA requires every product to be registered in order to sell it for the next two years.
What is considered a product? Every flavor, strength, and size of a particular product. So that means, for example, for one of our standard line flavors - a 0 nic, 15ml size is one product. So for our current 40+ flavor/mg/ml selection and we would need to register over
1200 products (and we're guessing at a cost of somewhere between $50k - $400K per flavor)

Therefore, we hope you fully understand why in the next few weeks, we are going to have to start eliminating some of the nicotine strength and choices that we are able to offer our customers.

So the current changes are as follows:

1. Once our stock of 5ml, 15ml, and 120 ml is depleted, our new size options will be:

  • 30ml and 60ml

2. Once our stock of 12,18,and 24mg nicotine strengths are depleted, our new strength options will be:

  • 0mg, 6mg, and 9mg (standard blend)
  • 0, 3mg, 9mg (High VG blend)

The following are our new permanent flavors:

  • Escargot
  • Drip Tease - Slug Juice
  • Drip Tease - Zombie Blood Max VG
  • Zombie Blood - Standard PG/VG
  • Drip Tease - Slug Jr.
  • Wicked Melon
  • Seven Sins Cowboy
  • Drip Tease- Blowin' the Pipes
  • Permafrost
  • Ice Dragon
  • Granny's Custard
  • Drip Tease - Just Loop at the Fruits
  • Cotton Candy
  • Drip Tease - Severed head
  • Drip Tease - Ms. Slug
  • Time Traveler
  • Seven Sins Original Sin
  • Danish Swirl
  • Nana Puddin'
  • 'Cowberry
  • Strawnana Drizzle
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Drip Tease - Flippin' Out
  • Drip Tease - Panty Dropper
  • Drip Tease - Farmer's Daughter
  • Drip Tease- Carol's Cookies
  • Drip Tease - Carl's Pudding
  • Unflavored E-liquid in various strengths and blends - 8oz size

The following will be discontinued:(immediately)

  • All 5ml Sample Packs 
  • All custom flavors (as on 12/10/16)
  • all nicotine strengths above 9mg
  • 15ml and 120ml bottles

The following after stock is depleted:

  • All Bourbons and Moonshines
  • Hanky Panky 
  • Crush on Dew 
  • 7sins Redbeard 
  • Singe 
  • Drip Tease - Voop on the Throne 
  • Buttery Toffee Drip Tease - Helix 
  • Oranges Kittles 
  • Greens Kittles 
  • Pina Colada
  • Chastity's Belt
  • Liquid Gold - Blue Ribbon Award

These are the only changes we foresee for quite a long time (unless the FDA supervises us with something new). We will keep going strong!!